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  • Who can attend this program?
    This course does NOT require prior IT knowledge or experience and is open to everyone. This course is designed for those who want to change their career path into Information Technology.
  • When can I start?
    The next SDET course starts soon. Please register for the info session to receive class updates.
  • What do I need to get started?
    Everything starts with a passion to make your life better. You have to have courage and commitment to change your life first. Then you need a working laptop with the following specifications: - 8GB RAM. (Recommended 16GB RAM) - Intel i7 processor or better, Mac M1. - Windows Machine or Apple computers (Mac book Pro recommended)
  • What does the training cost?
    The training course is designed for YOU so we made it incredibly affordable and easy. Option 1. There is a great discount for the fully committed to change their careers for the better. Option 2. Monthly installment payments for those who needs. Option 3. You only pay a small portion of the tuition monthly while you are studying so that you can focus on your study, not the payment. Then you pay the rest when you get a JOB. We made a big commitment to prepare you for a IT job so that you can study at peace without worrying about the payment. Option 4. We made the training possible for those who may not afford any options above. Through partner financial institution, you will get to pay the cost with less monthly installments until it's paid in full. For details, please attend our program info session where we will explain the cost or contact our finance department at
  • How do I sign up for next class?
    Simply fill out the application form by clicking 'Enroll Now' button at the top right corner, or here, then you will receive further instructions to secure your seat in the class.
  • Is the course in person or online?
    We offer both in person and online live streaming with high resolution video quality. If you choose to come in class or be online, just fill the enrollment application as so.
  • I have a friend who wants to sign up, is there a referral program?"
    Yes of course. We offer $300 referral bonus upon each successful referral. There is no limit of referral bonus. Click here for more details.
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